Snow Disaster

So, Kayla left us on November 21, Thanksgiving was the 25th with Max getting his Cornish Hen and in comes rain, sleet and then heavy snow. I worked the 26th and made it home safely through the slush, but I should have checked on Max’s enclosure. That Saturday I looked out and it appeared that the wire roofing to his enclosure looked open in one spot but it was hard to tell. When I finally got out there his roofing had collapsed completely in one area and there were several holes in other areas. He was pacing and anxious. I secured him in the area where Kayla had been staying thanking myself for putting in shift gates back in the day when I built his enclosure. I proceeded to clear the snow from the wire roofing first where Max was being held. He thought that was fun. Then I tackled the large 15×60 enclosure. At least three cross connectors were broken but the conduit piping was fine. Over the course of days I used 110 zip ties to fix the wiring back to the piping. Max was allowed back into his enclosure on December 5 and was very happy! My goal for the summer of 2022 is to find 4×4 mesh wiring to replace the chicken wire and 2×4 mesh wire. This will allow snow to fall through easier. However, I’m waiting for this wire to be restocked at a local store and it’s been two months of waiting so far but I have until summer. Right now, I watch the weather more closely and tend to his enclosure immediately. We got a bit of icy rain and although no snow was in the forecast, I cleared the ice from the wire anyways. Better to be safe than sorry.

See Snow Disaster Video

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