2018 News

Jan 13, 2018Max’s Belly Rubs – Here’s a new video of Max getting scratches and a belly rub. He was in such a lovable mood this morning. We got fresh snow and I found Ducky covered in it. I had to rescue him. I think Max chewed off his beak but it’s hard to tell until he’s thawed. It is lightly snowing when Max gets some fresh straw to lie on in his favorite corner. He watched me haul off the old and wet replacing it with the new but he decided to lie in the snow and yawn with his little tail flipping. I took a video but didn’t post it on YT.

Feb 4, 2018 See video a Storm is Coming

Feb 19, 2018Cleanest Cat – Max constantly grooms himself. Here are a few pics of his process.

Mar 4, 2018Max March Madness – We got about 5 inches of heavy snow on March 2 which damaged Max’s new run’s roofing. Mind you I knew there was a possibility that snow might not fall through the chicken wire but the welded wire was too heavy to install completely over the top. I had to go inside & brush-broom the weight off the wire. I ended up with tons of snow on me. Subsequently, the snow damaged six of the connectors which will need to be replaced this summer. I’m contemplating a different set up but have already spent more money than I initially intended with this project. Last year, we didn’t get the heavy snow, so no issues. When I was investigating the other parts of his enclosure, Max was on one of the shelves giving me his look!

Mar 18, 2018Snow Angels, Scratch & Shed Time – Here it is March and Max has begun the shedding of his luscious 4 inch+ winter fur. We have snow on the ground and the temps are lower than normal but at least the sun was shining today. Max rolled in the snow, rubbed his face over my boots and enjoyed some scratching. I noticed tracks coming and going from his enclosure. One set looked like a cat and they just disappeared behind the garage next to his cage. Wow!

Mar 26, 2018Tartarian Honeysuckle – See Honeysuckle Enrichment  video. Max received a piece of Tartarian Honeysuckle wood from the Cat House, Inc in Canada (www.thecathouseinc.com) for enrichment. I’m told domestic felines love it as well as bobcat, cougar and lions. So, we tested it on Max Lynx. Yes, he loves it and it made him wild like catnip. Now he has some great wood to scratch and sniff. I plan on ordering some for my house cats and you can too by visiting the Cat House’s website. Enjoy!

March is a tough month to interact with Max. Spring is upon us with new scents and the birds are returning to the area. Max is shedding off winter and therefore he’s more aggressive but without meaning to be. I have to watch his behavior closely to avoid injury.

April 22, 2018The Bench – I really needed a place to sit when visiting with Max, so I got a bench that converts into a table and put it together on the 10th. Max loves it because has marked it as “his”, if you know what I mean. LOL – Video: Max and the Bench

May 4, 2018Happy 7th Birthday! – Max received birthday scratches from me and I got one from him! He also got his favorite meal, Cornish Hen. 

June 24, 2018Urine Guard – Back on May 8th, I installed five plexiglass panels to protect his fencing from corrosion. Yes, cat urine will rust even galvanized metal. Today, I found another panel I’ll need to protect. You ask how I know? Dead grass! Urine also kills grass. Look at Max giving me the stink eye!

July 29, 2018New pallet! – I thought it would be nice for Max to get a new pallet in his favorite corner. In the winter I put straw there and in the summer he lies on the grass. However, it would be nice for him to be off the elements when he wants. 

Sept 15, 2018Death of Mr. Monkey – Max has had Mr. Monkey since day one with me. I already repaired him once but now the damage is beyond with his face nearly gone and feet chewed off. Back on the 1st I got him a new monkey that’s larger and fluffier. However, all Max wanted to do was chew off Monk’s feet. So, I had to remove it from the enclosure. Max gets plenty of food, so I don’t know why he decided to destroy his favorite toy. He loved dragging it around, and kneading it. *Sigh* Max use to get a pillow for bedding but I caught him eating the fabric. I have to watch when we travel because he will chew holes in the towel or sheeting. 

Oct 6, 2018 – Hanging with Mr. Max – A day for playing ball, sitting and relaxing with chin scratches and sneaker enrichment.

Nov 11, 2018Pumpkin Enrichment – Max gets a mini pumpkin and I get a bruise on my hand from his canine. Accidents happen. He mouthed my hand and his tooth hit a soft spot.

Nov 18-20, 2018New Pole Barn – I hired a contractor to install a pole barn over a portion of Max’s enclosure. It only took two days and boy, it was not cheap but it looks great. Now we can sit on our bench without getting wet. It also gives Max a place to be without snow but still out in the open run area. However, he still prefers snow. the barn came at the right time because boom… we got snow!

Nov 24, 2018Monkeying around with Max – Without Mr. Monkey! He was enjoying the sunshine under his pole barn which is wonderful to see. I thought I’d spend some time with him. Max likes rugs and he has a couple with his scent on them. This is one. I couldn’t help myself playing peek-a-boo to which he was not amused. We also played with his softball. When he got tired of me, he went off to lie in the snow.

Dec 9, 2018Early Christmas Toy – My cousin gave Max a stuffed Beaver toy for Christmas. I took a video but never uploaded it to YT but here’s a couple photos. He destroyed Beav’s ear, so I had to remove it and tossed him the ball.

Dec 25, 2018Christmas Meal – Max gets a new treat…turkey breast! He loved it!

2018 Year end review – My mother’s health is slowly declining. It’s not critical but I have found she has less energy and her breathing has gotten worse. She turned 80 and has COPD. She also has a knee issue and refuses to get surgery in which I cannot fault her for that. Once you get surgery, you can no longer kneel or bend it properly and recovery can be lengthy. She likes to stay active, as much as possible. Besides upgrading Max’s enclosures, we presented twelve programs to libraries, youth & senior centers and outdoor events. Max participated in eleven of those programs! We also lost two of our beloved cats to old age illnesses in July and October. However, my exotics are doing fine. Life is hectic which leaves me little free time.

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