LAtest from the Blog

Christmas Toys & Joys

I gave Max his Christmas toys a day early so I could upload the videos to YouTube – Christmas Eve 2021 and Toys and Turkey. It’s difficult finding toys that Max will engage with and strong enough to withstand his rabbit kicks and chewing. I got him a Kong bear which has little stuffing and ropes/knots inside […]

8 Ways to Get Outside

8 Ways to Get Outside: A Quick Guide to Avoiding Nature-Deficit Disorder By Lydia Chan (guest author) In today’s era of screen time and technology overload, kids and adults alike aren’t spending as much time outside as they should. This lack of outdoor time can result in nature-deficit disorder which can contribute to childhood anxiety, […]

Snow Disaster

So, Kayla left us on November 21, Thanksgiving was the 25th with Max getting his Cornish Hen and in comes rain, sleet and then heavy snow. I worked the 26th and made it home safely through the slush, but I should have checked on Max’s enclosure. That Saturday I looked out and it appeared that […]

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