2012 News

Jan 14, 2012Educational Exhibition
Max was at the Pember Museum on Saturday, January 14th where he educated about 307 people on his species. Besides my desire to teach people about this New York state forgotten species, I wanted Max to obtain experience with crowds. He did well. He’d get excited, usually with children, and then I would calm him down. This cycle was throughout his visit from 10:00am to 2:30pm. At one point he was so relaxed that he almost fell asleep. Several times he was totally stretched out and once he was on his back exposing his belly! Here are a couple videos on YouTube that will give you an idea on our cycling at exhibition. I trust that with more training he will become a very relaxed feline in public.

Max Canada Lynx Pre-exhibition

Canada Lynx Max exhibit at Pember

Jan 23, 2012Pure Adrenaline – Max had an educational exhibition at the Grafton Lakes Winter Festival on Saturday, January 21, 2012 from 11:00am to 4:00pm. He was stressed at times, relaxed at others but mostly on guard. He let a few people know that they were invading his personal space (too close) to take his photo. How did he let them know? He would jump and slap the caging. It always sent them jumping back and looking at me in shock. I loved it. Also there was Eddie the Hedgehog who was also a big hit! Plus, I had touch items of animals from around the world: zebra, fallow deer, kangaroo, tanuki and lynx. Kids love to touch and learn. Max slept all the way home – 1 hour. We then walked out in the snow for a good 15-20 minutes to work off the excitement. He was good!

Jan 24, 2012Oh for the love of snow
Max was taken for a walk/run on the 23rd and exhibited how much he loves the snow. Photos and video. Oh for the Love of Snow

Feb 5, 2012Max Grows – For awhile there Max was only gaining a smidgin’ of weight but this last month Jan. 3-Feb. 5 he gained 2 pounds! Guess he hit a growth spurt. Max is now at 9 months old and weighs 21.8 pounds. Of course, not a science since I don’t have a proper animal scale. We’ve been walking most every day to the neighbors bench then back to our yard, up a tree or just sprinting across the yard. He’s been fairly good. Sometimes he decides to leap at me sideways or just up in the air like he stepped on hot coals. Wish I could get that on camera. He’s a leaper!

Feb 19, 2012Pure Bliss! – February 16th, I added an extra shelf to Max’s (9 months old) cage. The other shelf was fine but I’ve watched him slip off of it twice and felt he might enjoy more room to stretch out. It’s a bit crude but all I could find among my scrap wood and he loves it! If you had any doubt, check out these photos. No need for captions here.

February 18th, we got a bit of snow…about 1/2 inch and what Max loves more than his new shelf was fresh snow. He was out in it as the flakes fell for an hour and then afterwards soaking up the cool air. This is one cat that does not mind getting wet!

Mar 8, 2012High on Life – It’s a windy day with leaves rushing by. Maxwell is wild with excitement. Could it be Spring? Our dead elm tree fell during hurricane Irene and I just got the branches cut. I now wait on friends with their big chainsaw to cut up the rest. Meanwhile, I plan on leaving the trunk’s base and will put up a bird house. Max, on the other hand has a different idea for the use of this leftover tree…He looked down on me with a wiggle in his butte and I said “no.” Yes, he thought he would jump to my shoulders as a way to get down. I made him jump to the ground. After all, five and half feet is nothing for him.

Mar 9, 2012Max in Training – Just because this cat was raised by humans, been in front of a thousand or so people doesn’t make him tame and lovable. I have to work with him to tolerate other humans and he’s getting better slowly. He’s already leash-trained knowing simple commands like walk (come-come), up, settle, sit, trot, and lay. He’s good at times, better at others and on occasion down-right wild. It really would have been great had he been raised by more than myself, like keepers at a zoo. Then he would have known a variety of people & had been more comfortable around the public. But that was not the case and it is my responsibility to socialize him. So, today we were back at the Pember Library in a different format. Instead of transporting him in a carrier, I used an open kennel for his viewing and allowed him to exit should he desired. At times he would roll and sniff the carpet or rub against my leg when a noise or person frightened him. As soon as I touched his back, he flipped on his back giving me all fours. Yes, he slapped my hand a few times…nails were not out and he even bit my hand, too. No teeth marks either. It was if to tell me…don’t touch me, not even you! I just then straightened him up and told him if he was scared then to go back in the kennel…and he did. Within seconds he was back out either halfway or all the way still curious at his surroundings. We were there for about 45 minutes and I think he truly did well. We’ll be returning on March 23rd from 2:00-2:30pm for another training and educational session.

Apr 2, 2012Skinny Dipping – March 31st was a nice day, I thought I would take Max out for a run in the yard using an extra 20 feet to his already 20 feet tie-out. I also gave him a water tub and had to re-introduce him to it. Last summer was his last dipping. He wasn’t so sure about it, so I had to hand-dip his feet into the tub for him. Okay, that wasn’t so bad. After I was splashing with my hands and he saw that it wasn’t going to hurt him, he tested the water for himself. Here are videos of him you can view on YouTube and some photos, too. He is just shy of 11months old and is 22lbs 8oz, 30″ in length, 18″ in height and his tail is 5″. Of course, these are estimates because although he stood still for me to measure, there was still wiggling involved! Enjoy.

Max Canada Lynx skinny dipping        Max Quick Dip & Following Commands

Max Dry Clean

Apr 19, 2012Max in the Box – My neighbor gave me a box and I thought it would be perfect for the boy. I was right! He played outside in it on one of our playdays. He also dives into it inside the animal room/workshop. He is funny and tires fast.

May 4, 2012Happy 1st Birthday!Maxwell turned 1 year old today. Happy Birthday Max! I didn’t get a weight on him but he was at 25 pounds a couple weeks ago. I’ll be sure to give you an update this weekend. I had mom take a few photos of us this evening after I returned home from work. Max wasn’t much in the mood for that as he just wanted to PLAY!! What cat doesn’t? I plan on having a birthday bbq on Sunday to celebrate with a few friends. Most everyone is busy with their lives but some did set aside time for a visit. We will certainly most welcome them. Beth said she’ll bring chicken thighs for Max. Mmmnnn! He’ll love those! I’m very thankful for the opportunity to raise a Canada Lynx for educational programs. Many thanks to Space Farms Zoo & Museum who trusted me to raise one of their babies. He has been a handful and I’m also thankful he’s finally settling.

May 7, 2012Max Birthday BBQ – Sunday, May 6th Max had a birthday BBQ. Friends were invited but only a few attended. Beth brought Max a huge pack of chicken thighs! Our neighbor, Nancy got him a couple toys and one he played with instantly. I also received a lovely “Circle of Friends” candle holder from Myra whom I hadn’t seen in a year, so it was a wonderful party. Of course, I was the cook but couldn’t remember that meat was on the “barbie” and was socializing. Thanks to Beth’s fiance, Ray, he kept an eye on the burgers and dogs so they wouldn’t overcook. Good friends Barb and Lou attended along with my zoo mentor, Butch. Max got a bit excited about all the people peeping in on him, so afterwards I gave him some play time out on the tie-out and then I mistakenly played rough with him getting him overly excited in which I paid for with bite & claw marks. He was outside himself and I couldn’t calm him down. My lesson learned. Don’t play rough!

May 11, 2012Max meets Balloons – Here’s a video of Max getting to play with his balloons.

Dec 25, 2012Christmas Snow Walk – Got up this morning to find a dusting of snow on the ground. It was a perfect time to take Max for a walk as he adores snow and this was a good time to reinforce his command vocabulary. I learned this training from an animal trainer Kayce Cover. Max did quite well. With the commands sit and stay, he posed for the camera. He would sit when I asked but did pull the leash with excitement and jumped in the air numerous times. However, he did not leap for my head and shoulders. At times he would turn around and rub against my leg for reassurance. At one point he rubbed my leg and when I knelt down to give him a snug, he gave me his paw as a gesture he wanted on my shoulders. I allowed it and he climbed up gently. Here’s some photos of his love for snow. Click here Max Snow Walk to be taken to YouTube for a brief video of him loving the snow. His Christmas dinner was a Cornish Hen. Max was not sure of it because of the size. Usually I cut his meat into chunks and he receives chicken legs or thighs. A full Cornish Hen was foreign to me. It will be interesting to see if he has eaten it when I check in the morning. 

12-31-2012New Year’s Eve Walk – Here’s a video of Max on a walk in the snow. Notice how he listens to my commands and then sometimes refused to listen. He rubbed his scent on my leg twice which requires pat on the rump. He smelled something in the snow and thought nothing of burying his face. So funny. It is such a pleasure walking him now but he still needs continued training. Video – Max Canada Lynx New Year’s Eve Walk

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