2017 News

Jan 2, 2017Max and his Bunny – A few shots of Max still in love with his leather bunny. Nope, no catnip inside. It’s a dog toy. He loves the smell of leather.

Mar 1, 2017February Max – Max loving the snow…inside and outside.

May 14, 2017Max Lynx turns 6 years old – On May 4, Max turned 6 years old. I posted a montage video on our Wildlife Bernie YouTube channel titled Happy 6th Birthday! Check it out! Here’s a few birthday photos of the boy as he sheds his thick winter fur and a few yesterday after I gave him a box to play in. 

July 3, 2017Max & his new run – After months and months of purchasing supplies and putting together, Max gets a 15×60 foot run area. I basically put it all together myself except for about 5 hours of help from a good friend and 5 hours from my cousin. I couldn’t have done it without these two people. Putting in post holes by myself was a killer but I prevailed and so happy I could provide this area for Max. 

July 8, 2017Max enjoying his new “run” area! 

Oct 1, 2017Max’s Morning Nip-time – Max nipping out in the morning. The video – Morning Nip-time 

Oct 8, 2017Morning cleaning and snuggles 

Nov 6, 2017It’s all about Max! –  I was out in Max’s enclosure this past weekend doing cleaning and repairs. Yep, new galvanized panels are rusted because he marks his territory. I had to sand, prime and paint. Then in some spots I put up painted wood and plexi-glass but plexi is expensive. Anyways, I’m thankful I can do this, he just now marks the wood or plexi and the panels are safe. I found Bird’s Nest Fungi in his cage, too. I’ve never seen this before. So, I dug them up and will treat the soil with a dish liquid mixture this coming weekend.

Nov 25, 2017Vet Visit – Max had a vet visit for blood tests and shots. We have to sedate the little bugger because he is a handful. A squeeze cage was purchased back in June for him and it worked great. We got the shot in him and he was out like a light. The only problem was that it took 8 hours for him to shake off 90% of the meds. We’ll reduce the dosage next year. His values are low in several areas but the vet wasn’t too concerned because Max was at 38 pounds 14 ounces, his fur is lush and his body felt good. So a great visit but Max will continue on the enzymes for his pancreas.

See Max Canada Lynx goes to the Vets  video on YouTube. I sat with Max for quite awhile to help him work off the drugs and give him comfort.

Dec 13, 2017Max Bad Kitty – On Monday, November 13th I placed a foam garage mat in Max’s indoor cage to lift his housing off the cold concrete until I could purchase a bale of straw. Well, I guess he was bored and/or didn’t want it in his cage because when I came home from work on the 14th, he had chewed it up. I didn’t know at the time that he had eaten quite a bit of it. His appetite was much of nothing but he was still alert and active. I wasn’t able to check his stools until Saturday afternoon (Nov. 18) and I found foam mat pieces in it. Ugh! I also found a stash of foam in his house. Double-ugh! I started giving him a laxative along with warm canned cat food. He did eat that. I avoided giving any chicken legs because of the bones which I didn’t want an obstruction in his bowels. So, daily I would knife through his stools counting and measuring the foam pieces. About six days after the incident, his appetite increased but the foam mat pieces continued to come out. It took 16 days for all the foam to exit his system! I’m so thankful that this mat was water-resistant because if it hadn’t, Max would have needed surgery and/or could have died.

Dec 30, 2017Christmas Max 2017 – Max got a ducky toy for Christmas.  We got 5 inches of snow on 12/22, and 9 inches on 12/25. Max is loving it. There are two videos to view on YouTube. Listen to his claws digging & kicking the toy! Max Canada Lynx & Ducky 2017 and Christmas 2017

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