End of 2021

1/5/2022 – Hi all! Well, I apologize for my late post on the end of the year update. If you are a YouTube follower, then you’re up to date and if not…I will try to give you the gist.

Let’s start off with Kayla, the Eurasian Lynx, also known as a Siberian Lynx who was in my care from 10/19-11/21. She ate 70 pounds of meat and seemed like she could not fill up! Max warmed up to her over time but was still growling on occasion. She would bend her head or show him her rear-end. If you know anything about Max, you know that he presents his backside to me all the time! It’s a sign of trust and as you also know, male cats will sniff each other’s butts as if to say…hey, is that you? I really wish they could speak. Imagine the fun in that? She left out of here on Sunday, November 21 via private transport. She went to Bear Creek Feline Center in Florida. I’ve been privileged to receive updates from the center in regards to her. They sent a photo on the day of her arrival which was 11/22 and was told she was very shy. It took her a month to warm up to her new forever home handlers. I received a video the other week where she was running along with her handler. She was inside her enclosure and the gal was outside. Then Kayla, now called Spirit, stopped and began rubbing against the fence asking for scratches. I say, that’s improvement and contentment. Yay!

Here are videos: 

Max and Kayla receive pumpkin enrichment Video

In order for Kayla to leave my care and be transported, she needed to be seen by a veterinarian but because she was not a hands-on feline, it was a little tricky. See Kayla Vetting

Sometimes Kayla would run around a little Krazy 

Kayla received a special Thanksgiving meal Video

I gave Kayla a chunk of honeysuckle wood from the Cat House, Inc. in Canada. It’s an enrichment large species of cats have come to enjoy. Kayla & Honeysuckle video

Would you like to know what Max and Kayla discussed in their communications Video

Kayla’s last day with me in a Happy Trails video

Max was reintroduced back to his space where Kayla had been kept after I cleaned the area. He was a bit weary at first, but then settled down like nothing happened. See Life after Kayla 


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