I have never asked for donations. I started this venture in 2008 because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to give something back to Mother Earth. I wanted to touch the lives of children in hope that they would care about our wildlife and the environment. For the most part I have been managing with program fees covering the animals and their care. Of course, animals get sick or old and the vet bills are high. This all comes with owning animals and I’m not complaining. It’s a responsibility I was and still willing to accept. My animals will always come first. Now, new State mandatory requirements have placed a hardship on us while Covid-19 cancelled all my programs in 2020 but we have scheduled several this summer! My full-time job is funded by a grant and thankfully I have a job for another year. Max followers have asked if they could help and here are some ways.

If you would like to support our mission through Paypal:

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We have an Amazon Wish List if you would like to support us in this way. I haven’t had time to complete the list. So, if you think Max might like an enrichment toy, please feel free to contact me with your suggestion or if you would like to support my other animals. Thank you!

I would like to announce that we are now affiliated with Designs by Lorise. You can view her beautiful artwork by clicking on the photo above which brings you to her webpage.

You can now order a Max pop art print or note cards from her site!


To give you some idea into the costs of owning and educating with a lynx, I’ve listed annual costs for Max along with what I’ve spent in customizing his home. This doesn’t include everything. I have not been faithful in keeping receipts. Wood get replaced when necessary and I don’t give it much thought. He has gone through 5 sizes of travel kennels as he has grown. There is also program supplies, toys, etc. The figures below are costs just for Max. I have other exotic animals to house and care for along with the many touch specimens I use for our programs.

Annual Costs:

  • Meat – $530
  • Carnivore Supplement – $125
  • Enzymes – $250
  • Licenses Renewals – $40-85
  • Vet Inspection – $90
  • Mandatory $2m liability insurance – $900
  • Winterproofing with straw; cleaning & replacing mulch – $30
  • Vet Checkup is every 3 years now – $100, bloodwork if needed is $500

Max’s vet bills to date – $2,500

  • 2011 – First 6×10 enclosure (free), 5×10 addition, double entry system, wire roofing, etc – $500
  • 2011 – Inside enclosure, housing, etc – $280
  • 2013-2014 – 10×15 enclosure addition, shelving, roofing, etc – $425
  • 2017 – 15×60 enclosure addition – $1900
  • 2018 – Pole Barn – $2100
  • 2019 – Corner Cubby – $250
  • 2019 – Cat Walk – $45
  • 2020 – Cat Loft – $1100
  • 2020 – Mandatory perimeter fence & double-entry system expansion – $815
  • 2021 – Electricity to Pole Barn and security lighting – $558 not including light fixtures cost
  • 2011/2015/2017 – Freezers for meat – $1000
  • 2014-2020 – Plexiglass as a urine guard for rust prevention – $1525
  • 2012 – Travel cart – $155
  • 2017 – Squeeze kennel – $188
  • 2018 – Bench – $90
  • 2019 – Fake Boulder, bamboo fencing – $280