2015 News

Jan 26, 2015Grafton Lakes Winterfest 2015 – It was a fabulous event with hundreds of attendees including myself, Max Lynx and Willy Weasel. Our theme this year was Wild about Weasels which included specimens within the Mustelidae family and Willy the ferret. Max was a special add-in since it was Grafton’s 30th event. There were many exhibitors educating, displaying their wares including lots of activities. Max wanted to nap but the noise level kept interrupting him, so a friend of mine bought him a homemade catnip toy. It mellowed him out tremendously. See video Max Catnipped

Feb 1, 2015The Lynx Seal – Probably the toughest task of having a lynx as an educational ambassador is the cost. Remind you that this is a hobby and not a business. If it was a business, Max would be earning his keep and I would need more exotic animals for programs as people want to see the odd and unusual. Never mind that exotics are expensive sometimes costing thousands of dollars. I invest what little is earned from programs back to my animals and specimens because children can touch specimens often more times than a live animal. Also, they need good food and care. There is no profit and I do what it takes for my animals which brings me to today’s post…the Lynx Seal.

Last month, I was contacted by my meat supplier that there would not be another delivery until late Spring. I didn’t need meat at the time and wouldn’t had needed it until February. I get 50 pounds and it usually yields 35 pounds of edible meat. The rest is crap that I throw out to the wild. Okay, I could probably find room for 2 boxes by processing one and letting the other sit in the garage. It’s been cold enough. When I say “processing,” I mean thawing the meat a bit, cutting into chunks and weighing out baggies of 1.5 pound meals and then packing the freezer. When I actually talked to my meat supplier, I was asked to take 3 boxes. What the heck am I to do with 150 pounds of meat when my freezer could barely fit one box? I was forced to buy a 7 cu ft chest freezer. The one I wanted was on backordered and finally delivered last weekend. The meat barely fits as they are in huge 50 pound cubes.

Max noticed his playroom had been cleaned (except the hay on the floor) and a new freezer. He gave it a good sniffing and trust me, I’m sure he can smell the meat as sometimes, it stinks. I guess it is now Lynx-tested with a Lynx Seal of Approval! That is how I take care of my Max.

July 19, 2015Max and his tub – Sometimes it gets hot during the summer and Max tries to stay cool. He will lie in the cool morning’s grass and panting is another way for a cat to cool off. I thought it might help if he could wet his paws. So, I hauled a rubber tub to his tie out on my mom’s garden cart. It was funny. He was curious and put his paw into the water, but we have well water and it gets very cold. Max doesn’t mind being wet from rain or snow but he doesn’t like soaking wet paws. See video Max Mini Pool

July 28, 2015Max and his chicken leg – When I give Max his chicken legs, he will pull one from his dish and bring it outside to eat it. Sometimes he will play with it, tossing it up in the air before eating it.

July 28, 2015What?Same day I found feathers inside on his shelving. I suspect it’s a crow, brown-headed cowbird or starling but Max’s wasn’t talking. 

Sep 27, 2015Max Grass Scootin’ – Today, I was inside Max’s cage cleaning and mom went by on the lawn tractor around his enclosure. The cut grass kicked inside and Max went nuts. A good kind of nuts. He smelled the grass cuttings and went wild rubbing his face and then scootin around rubbing his body into the grass. See video Lynx Scootin’

Oct 11, 2015Lost and Found – I was cleaning Max’s indoor enclosure when I moved his dog house and found a dead vole squashed on the wall. Evidently, this little creature went on an adventure into the wrong habitat. Max must have been throwing it up in the air when it landed between the doghouse and wall. Of course, his big mitts couldn’t get to it. Imagine the smell if I had not found it?

Dec 25, 2015 – Christmas Toys! Videos: Christmas Toys 2015Christmas Toy Miss PiggyTired from playing

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