Christmas Toys & Joys

I gave Max his Christmas toys a day early so I could upload the videos to YouTube – Christmas Eve 2021 and Toys and Turkey. It’s difficult finding toys that Max will engage with and strong enough to withstand his rabbit kicks and chewing. I got him a Kong bear which has little stuffing and ropes/knots inside along with a rubber stuffed gingerbread man. My friend, Beth, got him a crinkle turkey and cousin Genevieve a stuffed Christmas tree. He destroyed the tree first as it was his favorite, but also chewed opened the hands and feet of the bear. Next was the turkey and so far the ginger man is still alive. I removed the turkey because it was really far gone, and the tree’s squeakers and half of the material. Max will eat material. I’m not sure why. For dinner, Max got several yummy Turkey legs. They were huge and he had a hard time carrying them out through his window door. One of them dropped in the litter pan and I had to retrieve it to rinse off the litter. He was a growling big baby. Be sure to watch the toys and turkey video. He loved them! Here are a few photos. You’ll notice that the bench is covered in a moving blanket and that’s because it was mighty cold and I didn’t want to sit on a cold bench too.


  1. Hi Bernie and max, Been reading the book about max, it’s fasenating he was even cute as a kitten, that’s a bit funny as Tyger was cub when young, talking of him he’s no longer going out, he’s a bit showing his age now. Thanks for the photos Max looked all happy, and joyful. Hope this finds everyone in good health, the days are light to 5pm now we have gained an hours light, still twlighty. G_DS blessings to you two. Yes I to see spirit kayla picking up she’s able for more, and will do well.


  2. I Love The Book You Wrote About Maxwell Canada Lynx. It’s My Favorite Book Along With The Holy Bible, I Hope To See A Follow Up Book . I Love It


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