Coco Chinchilla

6/23/22 – It is with deep sadness to tell you that Coco crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonight. She had come down with a cold and being an old chinchilla, it took a toll on her little self. She was by far the best and the sweetest chin. Everyone who has ever held her, loved her. My heart hurts so much with losing mom in February and now sweet Coco. Smokey kitty will be 16 in July and I fear he will be next. 2022 has not been a good year so far.

Coco web pic


  1. Oh Bernie I am saddened by this sad news. The only words of solace I can offer is sweet Coco had a wonderful life in your care ❤. I hope you find some peace in that. Lynda Kelly in California.


    • Thank you Lynda. So very kind of you. My head hurts almost as much as my heart. She’ll be buried tomorrow next to Velvet Hedgehog. The only good thing this week was my rescuing a baby woodchuck which had been clipped by a car. She went to a rehabber and is recovering nicely.


  2. Oh, Bernie I am sending you all the love I can gather. Be strong. We will all be together someday but the separation hurts so bad. I love you


  3. Hi Bernie,
    I am so sorry I am just now seeing your e-mail. I cannot believe this beautiful Chinchilla passed away. I am feeling very sad and wondering if her passing had anything to do with her being passed around from kids to adult on such a hot evening esp. with covid variants popping up. Are you going to get another and if so, is there any way I can help raise funds for another? Do you have any objections in my posting on Facebook letting others know that Cocco has passed and if anyone would like to make a donation in her memory please do so at this address: (this is where I need your address). I cannot do a go fund me page as the library is a not for profit and facebook is a nightmare with this type of funding.
    My heart goes out to you,
    Vicki Plude Fort Edward Free Library


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