New Videos

8/12/21 – There are several new videos on our WildlifeBernie YouTube channel – New Loft Floor . I put down some underlayment over the pressure-treated wood in Max’s loft. Although pt wood is safer than in earlier years, I thought I’d take no chances. I haven’t had a chance to weather-proof the ramp yet. There are too many projects on my plate right now. Another video of me processing Max’s meat – Meat 101. You want a cat like Max? Then one needs a strong stomach to cut up meat for him. It’s a time-consuming process that kills my shoulders from cutting and feet from standing. BUT I knew this when I got him 10 years ago. I used to prep meat for the big cats at the zoo and therefore I already knew the challenges. Theo and Burt Parrot supervised the process. I’m so lucky to have caring animals. lol. The other video – Home Grown. I told you about the fresh catnip in my last post but finally found time to edit and upload. Enjoy!

Update on Max’s book – 103 pages to date! I have two stories left to be told, and the gallery to add along with a blurb on the back cover, table of contents, etc. We are getting close. ❤

In preparing Max to receive a pond, I placed the black water tub in his enclosure in the same spot. He seemed interested and I wanted him to have some water to cool down in. He put a foot into it and that was it. I don’t think he has peed in it which is a good thing. With it being so hot here, I have a difficult time breathing with my asthma, so his new fountain and pond is on the back burner. I want to get some plexiglass cut and place the fountain in this weekend. It’s simple enough and I should have the time on Saturday. However, digging a hole for the pond will take more energy. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of your Max taken on 8/8 while he cleaned his wet paw and then staring upward as he ponders about life. Perhaps he is thinking of dinner!

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