7/28/21 Max Update

Hi all! I apologize for being MIA in regards to posting updates on Max. Life has been overwhelming. I ordered a pond liner and small fountain for Max but the fountain arrived damaged and had to be returned for a replacement. Before setting up this new feature I’ll need to gather some stones to place around the pond. I just know he will try to destroy it. I also need about 3 more bags of mulch for the area. So, I don’t want to start the project until I have all of the supplies. This way I can video the construction and his interaction following it.

I got Max a couple dog tags for his travel kennel and harness. I’m looked into having him microchipped and he’s set to get this done on September 3.

Max goes to Summit, NY for a program this Saturday. He already had one the other week. He was a grumpy kitty and even hooked my arm when he didn’t want to back up into his kennel. If we presented more often, I think he would settle down. However, presenting only a couple times a year he forgets how to behave. For the most part, he really is a good kitty.

We’ve been asked to exhibit at a wildlife festival in September. It’s very exciting. I was there years ago when I was with the zoo. We lectured on the skunk, tiger, and elk. Max, Burt Parrot and Smudge Hedgehog will be attending along with some North American animal specimens. It’s a 2-hour drive one way and a 6-hour event, so it will be a long day for us. I’m looking into a few marketing materials for Max’s website and his upcoming book publication. I’m also on the fence as to whether I should purchase a larger exhibit kennel. The 3 foot is a good size and he has no problem settling down and getting comfy but I worry about him holding his bathroom. If I get a 4-foot kennel, I could put a small litter pan in there for him. Would he use it or destroy it? Another thing to consider is would it fit in my car? In the past, Max has waited until I placed the kennel cover over the cage upon leaving a program or event for him to use the bathroom. So, would it be necessary to purchase a larger kennel when it also might not be used ever again? Many things to think about.

The Pember Library is growing fresh greens for people and catnip for cats. I brought home a small bag for Max. Oh, he loved it. Here are photos of him after sniffing, licking and rolling on it. He is a stoner kitty! I took a video but really haven’t had the time to edit it.

The book is coming along, 75% done and has proved to be challenging.

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  1. Hi, just wanted to say we love Max over at Reddit. I posted a short clip from one of your videos and shared a link to this website so if you’ve noticed a lot of traffic lately that’s why. Please keep up the good work, he is such an amazing treasure and I am so happy I stumbled across you!! 🙂

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