Happy 10th Birthday Max!

May 4, 2021 – Max turned 10 years old today. Since I work full-time, we celebrated his birthday on Saturday, May 1st with some toys, treats, and a Cornish Hen. You can view his Birthday Video on YouTube. Max received several balls and a new fluffy head. He got chicken, tuna and beef liver treats. I waited for him to come into his feeding area for a video, but he preferred to eat his hen alone. We hung out together the following day and this morning I let him run my workshop. He climbed and played with his toys, ate beef treats and decided he wanted my box for his own. I received a gift of a treadmill from one of his followers. I have been trying to lose weight by walking daily and although the weight isn’t budging, I feel better and get in 7 miles a week. I have feet and a knee issue so this is really good for me! Anyways, there are days when the weather is bad and our dear friend thought if I had a treadmill, I could still get in the miles. It is a sweet and thoughtful gift but it forced me to clean the workshop! LOL. Okay, it’s a good thing because I was hanging on to stuff that really belonged in the trash or set out for free at the end of the driveway. It’s taking me several days to clean one-third of it, and I haven’t even gone through the cabinets either. What do I keep in this room… All my power tools, lecture furs, skulls, antlers, horns and eggs, animal cages & accessories, bones & skulls needing to be cleaned, winter boots & gloves, and lots of stuff that I don’t know where else to put.

Also, I met with the electrician who needs to cut into the wall to run a line to Max’s pole barn for his pond and waterfall, so I HAD to clean out this one corner. I’m very ashamed of myself for holding on to stuff that really didn’t need saving like 10 shoe boxes and scrap wood. I can’t wait to unpack the treadmill and give it a run. Max can lie on his totes and watch! We had a fun time this morning. Here are some photos of his birthday toys, the next day and time this morning.

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