Welcome Spring

April 7 – Well, let me get you up to date on the happenings around here. We have three videos waiting for editing and publishing…be patient. I added a new flap to Max’s window box on March 27th along with installing four more security lighting around his enclosure. There use to be a flap in his window box but it got worn and was too small. The new one was larger than the hole but I was able to trim it to size. The flap keeps the cold air out in the winter and warm air out in the summer. It helps anyways.

He has been really bitey of late but still got a few good photos to share with you. I found his ramp broken on April 3rd and was going to replace it but decided he needs to jump for exercise. Although, I weighed him yesterday and he’s down to 41 pounds 8 ounces. So, the fur and winter weight is coming off. Since Max has been a little brat, I put a calming collar on him April 3 after a tussle with him over his ramp. It’s loaded with pheromones’, lavender and chamomile. I can honestly say, he’s been much better. With donations he has a new red food bowl, Purebites chicken treats and the new flap door.

We were gifted with a handmade Native American flute made by Stephen M. I’m learning to play for relaxation and hoping it will relax Max too. First I need to not squawk or squeak before auditioning in front of him! I’ll try to video it too. We are blessed with such caring people.

I’m diligently working on Max’s book. I have a title and at least 25 stories with 3/4 of them typed up. I’m still selecting photos and placing them in the appropriate folders. Next will be adding them to the book format as the text has already been added. Sally is working on the cover design. I’m planning on taking a week off from work in two weeks so I can really focus on it. Keep your fingers crossed. I would like to be able to offer the link to where you can purchase it by May 4th, Max’s 10 year birthday. Remember, they will have to make it first before they ship it to you. This way I don’t need to have a stash of books, it saves on paper and I don’t have to do any shipping.

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  1. lavender and chamomile always helps me when I am being a brat. Lol

    Keep up the great job Bernie
    Hugs and kisses for you and Max of course!

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