Road Trip!

3-5-22 – Well, it was time to take a 5-hour road trip to pick up 200 pounds of meat for Max. I was going to head out last weekend (2/26) but then we got a ton of snow on that Friday and I was busy snowblowing the driveway and Max’s perimeter. Something told me not to call on the 21st requesting meat. I think the universe was looking out for me. Anyways, it’s a long trip and I didn’t want to go alone. Mom use to come with me but had to stop when she became less mobile and now that she’s gone (my heart is still breaking), I still have to venture it alone. Or do I? It was 10 degrees outside but I warmed up the car and took Burt Parrot. Yep, she was my copilot and made the trip more interesting. We ate pretzels and pistachios and had quite a few laughs. The other photo is what 200 pounds of Max meat looks like in my car. Those 50 pound boxes are starting to get a little heavy for me. Guess I better start working out!


  1. WOW That’s Absolutely Alot Of Max Meat Miss Bernie.You Have A Genuine Heart Of Gold And Maxwell Canada Lynx Loves His Momma And I As A Follower Am Very Very Proud Of You Bernie For Taking Everything In Stride And Sharing Maxwell Canada Lynx With His Followers And That Includes Little Old Me ,Thank You And God Bless You And Maxwell Canada Lynx


  2. Good old Bert, that’s the best company hope you enjoyed the trip out, combination of a plot ummmuph Max needed food, you needed Bert, Max got food. You and Bert got a day out. Weight training no after seeing max on that chair that fella needs walked, 2 times a day, max going its only winter fur lol. Tyger is needing walked to, he’s way to plump for 16. For me well I say it’s them blinking winter coats. So glad you went out for food, and fresh air if you felt a bit better afterwords. Good And thankyou for the photos Bert is a pretty birdie.


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