Max Book

I am max coverThe book is done! Yes, I finished Max’s book two days ago and have ordered my proof copy which will probably arrive in a few weeks. You know how it goes with printing and shipping. Once I give it a look over, then I will hit the “publish” button and it will be available to everyone via print on demand! Please pray I don’t need to do any edits. It is a bear.

It has taken me 8 months to compile stories about Max’s life over the last 10 years. Then I had thousands of photos to go through to match to the stories. I have had to purchase two new software programs in order to get it done correctly and still I was told by the printer that my photos were not 300ppi. But dpi’s and ppi’s are so confusing. I made sure that every photo was 300dpi and finding the correct answer on line is difficult. I also had to add additional gutter space because of nine pages over their guidelines. So, did I add too much space or just enough? I have my fingers crossed that it will be okay. If not, well I will just cry…a lot…but will get back to it and figure out the whys and how’s and just fix the darn thing and re-upload.  Be patient.


  1. Awesome Bernie, Have You Picked The Winning Name To Call It? Congratulations On Your Project Paws Are Crossed For A Successful Outcome. I would Love To Have A Copy Of The Max Book .😸😹😺❤️♥️😺😸😹

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  2. Bernie, well done and congrats, did you ask the lad max what he thought… Had to laugh a bit now there’s a follow up book, max me and kayla. But very seriously I am looking forward to reading your book on max, pleaseeee make sure its at good old book shops. Tigers not that sure on mod tech.. Now relax and go out and cuddle max, kayla.

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    • It will definitely be a printed book, not downloadable. I did avoid going global with a few of the bigger chains because they would have doubled the price making more profit for themselves. So, it will only be available thru my printer which I will post link and information once I have approved it to be published. Thanks. There will probably be a book two. I’m already jotting down notes and taking photos of Max and Kayla’s interaction. Though the second chapter will be his next 10 years! 🙂

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