It’s been four days since I posted 2016 news & photos. I don’t think that’s too shabby to have now gotten through hundreds of photos in 2017 to post. So, 2017 News and 2017 Photos are now ready for you! I have added a Video page to the website but that will be my last hurdle. I’m trying to get through the years so I can really focus on Max’s book which will be a challenge in itself. A friend of mine suggested…more like he insisted that I take a few days off on Max’s website and tend to myself. Well, this morning I’m getting a therapeutic massage and I say…that’s taking care of me! Yes, I’m stressed but I’m just that type of person. I cannot sit and watch television without having something else to do. At one time I use to do Yoga and loved it but now I find it difficult to calm my mind for even one position. So often I just go, go, go without stopping to breathe. Well, I did take a two hour hike on Saturday but it was instructional on animal tracks, so I guess that really wasn’t relaxing. I’ll stop and breathe in June. Maybe.

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