I do think it’s important to acknowledge people who have helped Max and I. These are people who have volunteered their time, purchased items for Max or have made donations. I haven’t listed last names to preserve their privacy. I’ve sent a personal thank you but want to publicly share too. Thank you dear friends! ❤

  • Debra M.
  • Jeffrey M.
  • Christine & Evan J.
  • Martin G.
  • Genevieve S.
  • Shirley W.
  • Greg H.
  • Karren W.
  • Kenneth H.
  • Joanne W.
  • Linda Y.
  • Sheridan D.
  • Sherri H.
  • Donna R.
  • Lynda K.
  • Cristina F.


  1. Bernie you and Maxwell have given me more than you will ever know.
    Your videos have been there for me to enjoy and lose myself in in my high and low points of life.
    I want to thank you so much.

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