Max Photo Book

Name the Book!

I’m hoping that Max’s small photo book will be available by his 10th birthday on May 4. It will feature gorgeous portrait photos & maybe some personality photos. What do you think and what should be the title?

This is a contest and if your title is chosen, you’ll receive a free book. So, help me out. Comment here or Email your suggestion no later than the end of Feb.


  1. How about something like:

    -Max: Ambassador of The Lynx and The North

    or even things like:

    -Max: Ambassador of The North
    -Max: My Life as An Ambassador Animal

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  2. A few possibly good and hopefully funny ones:

    Max, Canada Lynx – My life teaching by paw and purr.

    Max, Canada Lynx – Teaching by paw and purr.

    Max, Canada Lynx – The ambassador who teaches by paw and purr.

    Max, Canada Lynx – The ambassador who leaves a paw print in your heart.

    Pawsitive Education – Max, Canada Lynx: Animal Ambassador of the Northeast.

    One small step for Max. One giant leap for catkind. 😉

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  3. I forgot to mention: Of course it should be a mix of photos. Nobody knows him better than you, Bernie. Just pick all your own favorites!

    Another possible title:
    Max, Canada Lynx – An ambassador with paws

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  4. I want to suggest-
    Handsome shots as well as Personality photos that have little anecdotes! Maybe the flow can be – 10 pics of small to no captions, and then 1 picture with an anecdote / short story- so the reader will not be overwhelmed by captions.
    All contents laid out in chronological order of Max’s life.

    I also want you, Bernie to have a presence in it (obviously you will be the writer but also as someone who loves and has trained and cared for Max, maybe share how your relationship with Max has transformed throughout the years.)

    1. Put on Your Snowshoes, Max.

    2. The Chronicle of a Very Big Pawed Cat.

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